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Birthday Weeks | Alive Week (Day #4):

Moon Moxxi (on GIF #1), Lilith (on GIF #2), Red and Purple Mad Moxxi (on GIF #3) and Handsome Jackie (on GIF #4) from Borderlands


  • Jessica Nigri [TW | FB] (Moon Moxxi)
  • Lindsay Elyse [TM | TW | FB | IN] (Lilith)
  • Gogo Incognito [TW | FB | IN] (Red Mad Moxxi, with megaphone)
  • Enasni Volz [TM | DA | TW | FB] (Purple Mad Moxxi, with tip jar)
  • Lisa Lou Who [WW | TW | FB] (Handsome Jackie)

Videographer: The Sneaky Zebra [YT | TM | TW | FB] (Source Video)

MMM..look at my baybee


did i also mention i do photography? 
I’m currently attending Otakon 
these are a few of the shots that i took for a friend
he’s cosplaying genderbent Elsa!
my other friend is cosplaying genderbent Anna with him too! when i have time i’ll edit and post more of the shoot 
but needless to say, he was very popular today (: 

check out my fb photography page here » https://www.facebook.com/Murritsmarra 

Cosplayer: Brandon Small
Cosplay: Genderbent Elsa - Frozen
Photographer: Murr!itsmarra Photography (me) 
Otakon 2014

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hey man. my weed guy thinks I’m a good person.